About the ICIX and McCain Partnership

There is no higher priority for a food company than the safety of its products. At McCain we are committed to providing our customers and consumers with food they can trust to be safe, nutritious and taste great.

In 2011, McCain Foods USA partnered with ICIX in order to implement a more effective and efficient way to manage our supplier documentation and compliance requirements.  McCain has expanded their usage of the ICIX program to include all suppliers of our North American plants operations.  We have asked ICIX to reach out to our suppliers and assist with this process.

If you do not yet have an ICIX membership, please register now:

*Existing members, please contact ICIX to connect with McCain Foods.

If you have any questions about ICIX, please contact ICIX directly:

  • Email: info@icix.com
  • Phone: 877-888-4249 (Option 1) or 650-581-2000 (Option 1)

For more information regarding McCain’s Food Safety Initiative, please click here.

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