About the ICIX and Stauffer’s Partnership

DF Stauffer’s has partnered with ICIX to manage our Food Safety and Quality Assurance Program. DF Stauffer’s is utilizing ICIX’s industry-driven solution to streamline the process of collecting and sharing critical documentation with our trading partners. The key areas of focus include the management of supply chain risk, compliance documentation and standards verification. DF Stauffer’s is committed to providing our consumers with the highest quality of products possible and appreciates your support in this program. We look forward to working with you in making our Food Safety and Quality Assurance Program successful.

If you do not have an ICIX membership, please activate your account by contacting the ICIX activations team:

  • Toll-free within the United States: 877-888-4249 (Option 2)
  • Outside the United States: +1-650-581-2000 (Option 2)
  • Email: info@icix.com

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