Welcome to The Chefs' Warehouse Supplier Resource Center

The Chefs’ Warehouse, Inc., and its subsidiaries, believes accurate product and supplier data is a foundation for meeting the high standards of service and reliability we expect of ourselves and for our customers. The quality, access and storage of information from our partners is a critical component for us to continuously improve of our compliance processes that support meeting these expectations.

To effectively and efficiently manage our Compliance & Food safety programs requirements, The Chefs’ Warehouse, Inc. has partnered with ICIX.  The Chefs’ Warehouse chose ICIX as its solution for safety and compliance due to its ability to connect buyers and sellers, leveraging one platform’s ability to seek simplicity in data reporting.  The Chefs’ Warehouse, Inc. appreciates your support and looks forward to working with our partners as we continue to grow our businesses together.

If you are not already an ICIX member, you must join the ICIX network in order to participate in this program. To get started, please contact ICIX:

  • Toll-free within the United States: 877-888-4249 (Option 2)
  • Outside the United States: 650-581-2000 (Option 2)
  • Email: activations@icix.com

If you are an existing ICIX member or need to speak with ICIX, please contact ICIX Customer Service:

  • Toll-free within the United States: 877-888-4249 (Option 1)
  • Outside the United States: 650-581-2000 (Option 1)
  • Email: customerservice@icix.com

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