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Walmart has partnered with ICIX in order to effectively and efficiently manage our Safety and Compliance programs. We have recently enhanced our process and procedures and are currently rolling out the new program to our suppliers. All Direct Import and Domestic suppliers for ICIX departments will begin using a simplified new workflow beginning October 29, 2013. Improvements include additional automation and streamlined interaction with the system.

We are committed to this system and as such, participation by our suppliers is mandatory.

Product Safety and Compliance is transitioning to ICIX as the retention database of record for compliance documentation. A new management process will help ensure supplier participation in ICIX and that required compliance documents are readily available. Please reference this site regularly for important information on the Product Safety and Compliance Program.

If you are not already an ICIX member, you must join the ICIX network in order to participate in this program. To get started, please contact ICIX:

  • Toll-free within the United States: 877-888-4249 (Option 2)
  • Outside the United States: 650-581-2000 (Option 2)
  • Email:

If you are an existing ICIX member or need to speak with ICIX, please contact ICIX Member Support:

  • Toll-free within the United States: 877-888-4249 (Option 1)
  • Outside the United States: 650-581-2000 (Option 1)
  • Email:

Thank you for your commitment to safety and compliance and your help in creating a new retail standard for the 21st century.

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Announcement: February 15, 2016 - Product Safety & Compliance has posted the Manual and implemented changes to the Product Safety & Compliance Library. Visit Retail Link > Apps > Product Safety and Compliance Library Click Here »