Walmart - Realty Procurement Services Resource Center

Walmart Realty Procurement Services (RPS) and Walmart Realty Compliance have partnered with ICIX to establish a review process for products (goods not for resale) contemplated for purchase by Walmart RPS.  This review process addresses environmental, health, safety, and other compliance related concerns.

Beginning February 18, 2015, all RPS suppliers will begin using a new workflow to submit information for Walmart Realty Compliance’s review. Improvements include a streamlined product questionnaire form and enhanced communication features between Walmart Realty Compliance and RPS suppliers.

We are committed to this system and as such, participation by our suppliers is mandatory.

Several resources have been provided on this page, including information regarding a chemical review process. Chemical products must go through an assessment process conducted by a 3rd party, the WERCS.  Refer to the Help Resources section for more information.


Printer Friendly Documents

Printer friendly versions of the e-form by category (Equipment, Fixture, Supply) are provided here for your convenience.  If you are not familiar with the Walmart safety/compliance review process, it is recommended you review the e-form questions prior to completing a specific request to ensure you have all the requested information readily available. The e-forms are divided up by category, which is determined by the Walmart Sourcing Manager or Coordinator when they create a request for you to complete.  The category name is listed at the top of your e-form.